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Be a Well Being

Wellbeing from the Inside Out

I am fascinated by wellbeing and I love to help folk do just that, to be a well Being! It encompasses both physical and mental health and treatments that affect both areas can be more effective. Holistic in this context often refers to complementary therapies however this really means looking at the whole person when assessing an aspect of health. This is key as your whole body, soul and spirit need to be addressed to be at ease not dis-ease. Western medicine mainly treats symptoms not root cause using synthetically derived drugs, its big business! There are other nutritional options not readily available for chronic problems and pain management, they are just not as commercially viable!

It is recognised that productivity is affected by stress and poor posture. If our wellbeing is neglected in short term it will have long term effect on our health and beauty! Combine this with people working long hours and retiring later.  We want to have energy to enjoy our leisure time as well. If we are run down, lack energy, feel stressed a vicious circle can develop.

I was caught up this this cycle recently, I am finding studying nutrition demanding and time consuming. The time whizzes by but still more researching and writing required. I do love and it will be so worth it but the deadline stress! I have found when I can I make quality relaxation time it helps me refocus and recharge. I discovered and amazing ladies walking group, ‘Glamoraks’ that ticks lots of boxes, fresh air, enjoyable exercise, lots of chat and good food!

Inside Out Wellbeing

Cultivating our inner health promotes outer resilience and radiance.

How to relax?

It’s not as easy as it sounds, and exercise motivation can wane around now, so all my skin and body consultations and treatments come with added bespoke advice to help you implement some small changes to improve your wellbeing. My holistic approach to skin conditions or muscular pain is not treating what presents but looking for the underlying cause, to get to the root and cure the condition.

We offer deep tissue as we’ll as relaxing spa massage and deeper sports therapy, botanical facials with massage, and others using technology to treat skin conditions with cosmesceuticals and nutrasceuticals. All start with an in- depth consultation to find out what you really need.

A combination of thorough consultation, holistic and proven treatments will implement changes that occur naturally and give on- going results.

Stay Well Jori