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Love Your Skin

The Environ range is based on vitamin A a powerful antioxidant that works at a cellular level to undo damage done by free radicals. These if you’ve forgotten your biochemistry are highly reactive ions that damage the bodies tissues whilst looking for a partner! Antioxidants mop these up preventing damage.
Free radicals are triggered by, you guessed it, stress, sun, dietary toxins like alcohol or environmental ones. It is part of the natural process of ageing but he good news is we are not a victim of our genes or environment and we can can slow down and prevent premature ageing. We’re are not talking about looking 21 when your middle aged but why wouldn’t you want to look the healthiest (also the youngest) you can?
This isn’t just a facial and cosmetic skincare Environ is a cosmesceutical independently proven to improve skin at a cellular level giving a noticeable difference and long term will keep skin healthy and looking revitalised. It’s not a quick fix we encourage healthy eating, hydration and supplements to feed your skin from within using the very latest in nutraceuticals.

I can here you……. how much is  all this? No more than a standard pamper facial and department store skincare which only exfoliates and hydrates the epidermis. Some use harsh chemicals and superficial moisture doesn’t last. Environ facials brings you pain free lasting results with relaxation. The products alone will enhance your skin, treatments accelerate the results. So celebrate the month of LOVE  and grab this opportunity to learn how to take are of your skin with a consultation, Environ Facial  experience and enjoy a FREE mini back or head massage. Valid on any Environ Facial from £50  until 13th March 2018

The offer includes a full skincare consultation and advice and a free mini back massage  or heavenly head massage with any  Environ Facial  from£50

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Valid till 13th March not valid with other offers T&C’s apply.